Draught beer now available at The Lost City!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently installed 4 draught beers in our tiki bar at The Lost City! Here’s a brief breakdown of our new selection to wet your appetite!

San Miguel is a pilsen-style lager, golden yellow in colour with reflections of old gold. On the nose it offers hints of smoke against a background of grains. On the palate it is balanced, toasted, of medium bitterness with a prevailing subtle toasting of the barley. The medium persistence aftertaste holds echoes of liquorice!

Poretti is a pale blonde pils-style lager that has been brewed in Varese, Northern Italy since 1877. Poretti is an aromatic, citrusy lager with a hoppy lingering finish.

The aromatic qualities of Brooklyn lager are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. The result is a wonderfully flavorful beer, smooth, refreshing and very versatile with food. Dry-hopping is largely a British technique, which has been used in a Viennese-style beer to create an American original.

Shed Head is an American pale ale, dry hopped using Cascade and Citra hops, brewed in Falkenberg, Sweden and imported to the UK.

Golden amber in colour, this beer has a generous white frothy head and is highly carbonated. It has a clean, fresh fragrant aroma of mango, soft fruits and hints of fresh slightly spicy herbal hops. The beer is easy drinking, medium in strength, with soft fruits and mango sweetness, slight caramel notes and beautifully balanced with clean spicy hops and a short, dry cleansing finish.