Date night with a difference!

Bored of the usual 'date night' activities? We challenged a local blogger and her husband to swap the usual cinema and dinner to an evening at The Lost City. Here's how they got on!


Every month it’s imperative that my better half and I escape family life and head out into the bright lights of Nottingham for Date Night! Over the years all the usual haunts have been exhausted and not really wanting to have a meal or go to the cinema we decided on something a little on the unusual side for a ‘date’.

Wanting to try something a little different and have a bit of fun we headed to The Lost City adventure golf in The Cornerhouse. A bit of crazy golf was surely what we needed on this cold and blustery November evening! Plus if it involved sport (of a kind) I stood just a chance of holding his attention!

I was slightly apprehensive that we might encounter lots of kids here, as of course we had left ours at home, but to my surprise (and delight) the place was filled with other couples (of differing ages I might add) each clearly with the same idea.

So after collecting our clubs and balls we were off on a journey around Sacred Skull Pass for 18 holes of adventure golf. There are 2 different courses here at the Lost City (Sacred Skull Pass and The Temple Trail) each colourfully designed to reflect a scene straight out of the rainforests and Aztec jungles, the walls even talk to you as you go around, and I promise that this happened before any wine flowed that evening! As the sound effects of thunder and rain raged on, and the odd streak of lightening flashed for good measure we were off, jostling for the first shot!

Well, we might always tell the kids not to be too competitive but this turned into a no holds barred competition between arguable the two biggest kids there. Let’s put it this way, there was no way I was losing this grudge match and all thoughts of love and date night were put well and truly aside for the duration! A little cheating also ensued (from me) but needs must as all the ladies out there will agree, there was a lot at stake here as the loser was set to buy the wine following the sport!

Alas I lost the battle on the evening. Clearly I remembered I was far better at crazy golf (from all those seaside holidays) than I actually was. The prowess of an actual golfer did shine through in the end but I still had the wine bought for me! What you might not realise is that The Lost City also are licensed to serve beer and wine in their upstairs lounge/bar area. A great way to either start the party or if like me you need a clear head for such an important game then a well deserved drink afterwards.

This is a great venue by day for the family but it’s also a fab idea for the big kids come the hours of darkness to be a little silly and let off some steam. Let’s face it life can get a tad serious at times so this was the perfect way for us to forget the stress of the day, unwind and actually laugh! The Lost City is open until 11pm every week night plus Saturday night and open until 10pm on Sundays also.

Take my advice, this is a vibrant, fun place to bring ‘your date’ no matter how old you are. It’s a novel concept that is brilliantly bought to life and it’s a date that we still laugh about!