“Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?”



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There’s a storm coming, you can hear it rumbling in the far corners of the rainforest but your mission is clear – reach the Temple and win the Inca Gold.

There will be many challenges on your journey but you must keep to the track and ensure you don’t come face to face with the animals whose calls can be heard for miles! Keep an eye out for the parrots – you’ll be able to hear them but if you manage to see one, they just might just bring you luck…. and you’ll need luck!

On your journey you’ll meet Stone Face Rock, he’s at his happiest when you manage to hit a hole in one through his formation, but don’t get on his bad side, the trail is old and crumpling and an angry rock could be dangerous!

Watch out for the moving walls as you move deeper into the jungle, they might just be warning you about what’s ahead…. Indiana’s least favourite part of the trial! If you look up, you’ll see just why! He’s 23 feet long, has a venomous tongue and thinks he’s the King of our Jungle- not that we argue with him!

If you manage to slither past him in one piece, get ready for the thunder and lightning! You’re so close to the end now but you’ll need to stay focused – the monkeys have told Temple you’re coming so he’ll be waiting for you at the 18th hole.

Good luck adventurer… fortune and glory could all be yours!

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