The Lost City Lend a Helping Hand to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children


Ollie makes his Christmas rounds, wishing everyone a Happy Christmas

The Lost City Adventure Golf team and mascot Ollie have paid a festive visit to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

The team stopped by the hospital to spread some seasonal cheer and to deliver presents to those who may not be at home for Christmas this year. The group spent time visiting the wards and met staff, patients and parents, and witnessed first-hand how the hospital provides specialist healthcare services for children and young people.

The Lost City Assistant Manager, Nikki Drennan, commented:

“Christmas is a special time for children and being in hospital shouldn’t mean that they miss out. The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children does amazing work for young people of all ages and we wanted to help out in any way possible and bring some unexpected joy. It is extremely rewarding to be involved in such a positive experience and bring a smile to their faces this festive season when they are away from home.”

Commenting on the visit, Play Development Co-Ordinator at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Jenne McDonald, said:

“The Lost City’s visit has put a lot of smiles on our patients’ faces. Christmas is such a special time for families and it’s hard to see children having to spend it in hospital away from loved ones. A gift at Christmas can really help to bring a little festive cheer to young patients in our care during this time and we would like to thank The Lost City for today’s visit and their support.”